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Hi, I'm Frank

📲  GIF-ted in social media

👌  Love social, sports, and traveling

🛳️  Explored 16 Caribbean countries

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Business Administration (BBA), Marketing

👏  Magna Cum Laude
🏆  2019 UWM Rising Star 

Camping World

Social Media Coordinator

🗓  December 2020 - Present

UW-Milwaukee Athletics

Social Media Lead

🗓  September 2017 - December 2020


Global Social Media Intern

🗓  June 2020 - August 2020

Vineyard Vines

Social Media Intern

🗓  June 2019 - August 2019


9,373,400 TOTAL VIEWS  |  +140,000 FOLLOWER GROWTH


"Frank is a strategic thinker, with great leadership and collaboration skills. I got to know Frank throughout a special project that I mentored at Lenovo. He was one of two group members to immediately step up to the plate and begin helping his team to organize and think creatively. He leveraged his strengths in social media to help design a marketing plan - but also helped to shape other areas of the project outside of his comfort zone. I'd leap at the chance to work with Frank again - good luck on your next steps!"

Jen Bennett, Sr. Global Marketing Manager, Large Enterprise Solutions at Lenovo

"Frank is highly skilled in managing people, organizing several tasks at once, and seeing several steps ahead of everyone else. A natural leader who always makes sure the people around him are up-to-date, efficient, and happy. Before meeting Frank, I assumed he was much older than he is, which attests to his level of maturity. Can't wait to see where you go next!" 

—Kenneth Jusino, Former Video Intern at UW-Milwaukee Athletics

"Frank is personable, well prepared, and passionate about connecting online interactions with RESULTS. As the leader of UW-Milwaukee's CEO (Collegiate Entrepreneurs’ Organization), he has proven his ability to engage groups of all sizes with a friendly (and entertaining) delivery that puts people at ease. Frank presents his skills effectively and with enthusiasm, which gives him instant credibility in this space. As an MBA candidate and new member of CEO I have personally learned a great deal from Frank in a short period of time." 

—Ross Younger, Co-Founder at StreetWise 360 Tours & MBA Candidate