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Fun Fact:
I've visited nearly every Caribbean country. 🛳️

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Hi, I'm Frank.

Originally from the Midwest, I now live in sunny Jacksonville, FL. My social media journey began when some friends and I started a football-themed Twitter account, which quickly grew to over 130,000 followers. This success sparked my interest in the business side of social media and led me to pursue a BBA in Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Since then, I've been dedicated to helping brands enhance their organic social media presence and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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Livin' The Dream!

I have experience in various sectors, including fashion, fintech, food service, collegiate & professional sports, technology, and travel. My work has catered to audiences ranging from B2B to B2C, at regional to global scales.


Kevin Edwards, Associate Producer at Rocket Money 🗣️

"Frank is one of the most talented and capable employees I have had the pleasure of working alongside in my career to date. Defined by his passion and aptitude for his field, Frank took great pride in being the ultimate problem-solver during our tenure together at the Miami Dolphins, drawing rave reviews both internally and externally for his work. Near the end of his tenure in Miami, Frank was juggling three position's worth of workload, yet increasing the value and performance of each respective brand account in the process without missing a single beat. Frank's passion for the field of social media strategy shines through in his work, and he has elevated every brand that he has been around to date. Perhaps most importantly, Frank is defined by his outstanding character, and is the type of coworker and friend you will always want to go the extra mile for. Any company would be lucky to have an employee such as Frank in their organization!"
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